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Oticon Ruby BTE Plus Power

Oticon Ruby BTE Plus Power

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Oticon Ruby BTE Plus Power is a sturdy and powerful hearing aid with a speaker placed behind the ear and sheltered in a small cabinet. Featuring Bluetooth wireless technology, Oticon Ruby BTE PP offers easy and seamless connection to your favorite devices. All of its key components are nano-coated for optimal protection against water and dust, and are available in a variety of colors to match your hair and skin tone.

sound quality

sound quality

Ruby guarantees good sound quality with effective noise reduction even between words. To further improve sound quality, audible feedback has been reduced.

No more buzzing noise

The new feature detects annoying humming sounds before they occur and prevents them from occurring.

daily use

Easy and effortless connection

Enjoy multiple connectivity options, including using the Oticon ON App to control hearing aids, streaming music and calling. Bluetooth wireless technology makes all this possible.

Water and dust resistant

Oticon hearing aids are IP68 certified. This means they are resistant to moisture and dust.

Improved experiences in public environments

Oticon hearing aids with telecoil feature improve your hearing experience in conference halls, places of worship, theaters, airports and other public places with loop systems.

Intelligent volume and program control

Easy-to-use dual touch buttons make volume control and program setting easy.

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