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Oticon Edumic

Oticon Edumic

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Oticon EduMic is one of Oticon's innovative hearing aid accessories and is designed specifically for pediatric users. This training microphone works with Oticon StreamLine technology and was developed to improve the hearing experience in learning environments.

In educational environments, it is important for students to hear sound clearly. However, in noisy classroom environments or distance learning situations, clear transmission of sound may be difficult for hearing aid users. This is where Oticon EduMic comes into play. This device is designed to allow students to hear the teacher's voice more clearly.

Oticon EduMic is used to capture the teacher's voice and transmit it to the hearing aids. The teacher wears the EduMic or places it on the table and the device's microphone captures his or her voice while speaking during the lesson. In this way, students can hear the teacher's voice more clearly through their hearing aids, so they can get more out of the lessons.

This accessory works integrated with Oticon hearing aids and connects wirelessly thanks to Oticon StreamLine technology. This allows users to easily connect EduMic to their hearing aids and enjoy lessons. Additionally, thanks to EduMic's portable design, students can easily carry the device from classroom to classroom or home.

Oticon EduMic is the ideal solution not only for pediatric users, but also for hearing aid users in all educational settings. This accessory reflects Oticon's expertise and innovation in educational technologies and enables students to learn more effectively.

All in all, Oticon EduMic is an accessory that improves the educational experience of hearing aid users. It transmits the teacher's voice more clearly, allowing students to focus more on lessons. Compatible with Oticon StreamLine technology, it allows users to use the device easily and provide a better hearing experience in educational environments.

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