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Oticon CROS miniRITE T

Oticon CROS miniRITE T

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If you are hearing impaired or have no hearing in one ear and normal or poor hearing in the other, Oticon CROS is designed for you. The Oticon CROS solution consists of two parts: a transmitter with a microphone that wirelessly transmits sound from the poor-hearing ear to the better-hearing ear, and a hearing aid that receives the sound from the transmitter and transfers it to your better-hearing ear. This is a revolutionary experience for single-sided hearing impairment.

sound quality

dual stream

Oticon CROS allows you to watch television or listen to music while still hearing sounds coming from the side of your hearing ear.

High sound quality

With sound processing technology optimized for single-sided hearing loss, you can enjoy high-quality sound in 360 degrees.

Perfect compatibility with hearing aids

The Oticon CROS family offers the opportunity to combine and match with different product groups to find the solution that suits you best.

daily use

Water and dust resistant

Oticon hearing aids are IP68 certified. This means they are resistant to moisture and dust.

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