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Audiometer Bone conduction Headset

Audiometer Bone conduction Headset

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An audiometer bone conduction headset is a set of devices used to evaluate sounds through bone conduction in hearing tests. The bone conduction pathway plays an important role in hearing testing and is especially used for individuals with reduced air conduction functionality or who are unsuitable for hearing aid use. This headset is specially designed to increase the accuracy of hearing tests and simplify the testing process.

Leading bone conduction headset brands such as B71, BE81, RadioEar are offered by medical device manufacturers such as Interacoustics, Maico, Inventis, Amplivox, MedRx. These sets contain the equipment necessary to perform bone conduction hearing tests. During testing, the headset is connected to the audiometer device via headphone cables and is used to accurately record the auditory responses of the person being tested.

Audiometer bone conduction headset sets provide the equipment necessary to obtain accurate and reliable results of hearing tests. These kits make the testing process more effective and efficient and provide healthcare professionals with more comprehensive information about a patient's hearing health. Especially for individuals with hearing loss, bone conduction headphones can help obtain more accurate results.

Audiometer bone conduction headsets from leading medical device manufacturers such as Interacoustics, Maico, Inventis, Amplivox, MedRx are an essential tool for healthcare facilities and clinics. These sets increase the effectiveness of hearing tests and play a critical role in assessing the hearing health of individuals with hearing loss.

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