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Maico Ma 25 Scanning Audiometer

Maico Ma 25 Scanning Audiometer

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Maico MA 25 is a screening audiometer designed to meet the needs of modern occupational health and safety units. Developed to monitor and protect the hearing health of workers in industrial and commercial environments, this portable device provides reliable and precise test results.

This portable audiometer is specifically designed for use in joint health safety units. In enterprises operating in various industrial fields, it is important to regularly monitor the hearing health of workers and make early diagnosis. Maico MA 25 is a user-friendly and effective solution designed to meet this need.

One of the most important features of the device is that it can operate on batteries. This feature increases the portability of the device and makes it easier to use. Maico MA 25, which can operate on batteries, can perform scanning operations without being connected to an electrical outlet. This allows users to use the device wherever they want.

Maico MA 25, an economical audiometer, offers a quality screening solution while meeting the budget requirements of businesses. Despite its high performance, it attracts attention with its affordable price. This helps businesses reduce costs for hearing health screenings.

Maico MA 25 helps its users in detecting hearing loss by providing reliable test results. Thanks to its sensitive sensors and user-friendly interface, scanning operations are carried out easily and results are obtained quickly. This allows occupational health professionals and medical personnel to do their jobs more effectively.

The portable design of the device allows users to easily perform hearing health screenings in different workplaces. It can be used everywhere, from industrial facilities to offices. Additionally, Maico MA 25 comes with a carrying case, allowing users to carry and store the device safely.

As a result, Maico MA 25 offers an ideal solution for occupational health and safety units. This audiometer, which stands out with its portable, battery-powered and economical structure, is an excellent option for businesses that want to perform hearing health screenings effectively. With its reliable test results and user-friendly design, Maico MA 25 offers a reliable solution to hearing health professionals and businesses.

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