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Maico EasyScreen Bera Phone Abr Device

Maico EasyScreen Bera Phone Abr Device

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Maico Easy BeraPhone is an advanced device used for newborn hearing screening. Auditory Brain Response (ABR) or auditory brainstem response testing is a critical method for assessing a baby's hearing health. Maico's Easy BeraPhone is designed to perform this test quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

This device includes different testing methods such as automatic acoustic emissions (OAE) and repeated automatic acoustic emissions (TEOAE). Automatic acoustic emissions measure the baby's responses to sounds coming from the inner ear. These responses are considered a critical indicator for assessing the infant's hearing health.

Maico Easy BeraPhone is known for its high sensitivity and accuracy. Thanks to advanced technology features such as electrode-free ABR, test results can be obtained faster and more reliably. This makes it easier to detect problems such as hearing loss early and create appropriate treatment plans.

Low cost is an important feature that distinguishes Maico Easy BeraPhone from other similar devices. This device offers healthcare organizations and clinics a high-quality hearing screening solution while also providing a budget-friendly option. This enables wider use and allows early detection of the hearing health of more babies.

Maico Easy BeraPhone is designed to perform hearing screenings quickly and effectively. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive menus, healthcare professionals can easily use the device. Additionally, thanks to its portable design, the device can be used in different clinical environments and field studies.

The use of this device prioritizes the baby's comfort and safety. Thanks to rapid testing processes, the baby's hearing can be screened without any discomfort. In addition to being a reliable tool for assessing the baby's hearing health, Maico Easy BeraPhone also takes the baby's comfort into consideration.

As a result, Maico Easy BeraPhone offers an effective, reliable and cost-effective solution for newborn hearing screening. It includes advanced technology features such as Automated Acoustic Emissions (OAE) as well as critical methods such as Auditory Brain Response (ABR) testing. Their low cost means they can provide healthcare facilities and clinics with high-quality hearing screenings while staying within their budget. Maico Easy BeraPhone plays a critical role in early diagnosis and treatment and is an important tool for a healthy hearing development of the baby.

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