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Oticon Real™ miniBTE T

Oticon Real™ miniBTE T

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Oticon Real miniBTE T is a small hearing aid with disposable batteries and fits most people's ears. It brings back the natural sounds of life using technology that supports the natural way your brain works. It features Bluetooth® wireless technology along with teleloop and a single button to support hands-free communication and seamless connectivity with your favorite devices.

sound quality

Follow the conversation

With better access to clear and distinct speech, you can follow the conversation with more attention, focus and control.

Stay sharp with less effort

Oticon Real is designed to process the natural sounds of life. Protecting you from distracting sounds, it gives you precise and optimally balanced access to all relevant sounds so you feel relaxed and focused.

Unique music experience

We've developed a special program called Oticon MyMusic to give you exceptional sound quality, whether you're streaming or listening to live music.

Daily use

Improved overall experiences

Oticon telecoil hearing aids improve your hearing in auditoriums, churches, theaters, airports and any other public place with telecoil systems.

Uncomplicated connection options

Experience rich connectivity options like streaming music, talking on the phone, and using the Oticon Companion App to control hearing aids. Wireless Bluetooth technology makes all of this possible.

Water and dust resistant

Oticon hearing aids are IP68 certified. This means they are resistant to moisture and dust.

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