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Oticon Real™ miniRITE R

Oticon Real™ miniRITE R

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Oticon Real miniRITE R is an inconspicuous, rechargeable model with telecoil and easy control with a dual button. It makes it possible to listen to real sounds comfortably again and uses natural means to get by. Bluetooth® wireless technology enables free connectivity and easy connection to your favorite devices.


sound quality

Follow the conversations

With better speech intelligibility and exceptional language clarity, you can follow conversations with greater attention, concentration and accuracy.

Be confident with less effort

Oticon Real is designed to relax and listen to the real sounds of life. It protects you from distracting sounds while ensuring you hear all sounds, features and sounds in an orderly, exceptionally detailed and clear manner. This means they can go through life relaxed, focused and confident.

musical experience of the age

We have developed a special program for exceptional sound quality when listening to music live or over the internet: Oticon MyMusic.

Daily use

rechargeable battery

Recharge hearing aids in just 3 charges for an all-day streaming listening experience*. *Expected operating time of rechargeable batteries depends on usage pattern, active startup, hearing loss, sound environment, maturation of batteries and use of wireless accessories.

wireless connection

Enjoy a variety of connectivity options using the Oticon Companion app to listen to music, make phone calls or control listening devices. Bluetooth wireless technology makes this possible.

Against water and dust

Oticon hearing aids are IP68. This means they are resistant to moisture and dust.

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