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Mir Flowmir Tribune

Mir Flowmir Tribune

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Mir FlowMir Tribun is an innovative device that enables respiratory function tests (PFT) to be performed safely and effectively. This device has a particularly important role in the field of worker health and occupational health and is designed to improve the process of assessing respiratory system functions. Pulmonary function testing is a critical medical procedure used to evaluate a person's lung function and respiratory system health.

Mir FlowMir Tribun is a leading device for performing breathing tests. Thanks to its spirometer feature, it can measure important respiratory parameters such as respiratory volume and flow rate. These measurements are critical for assessing lung function and diagnosing respiratory diseases.

The device is frequently used in the field of worker health and occupational health. Respiratory function tests are routinely performed to monitor the respiratory health of people working in industrial environments and to prevent respiratory diseases. Mir FlowMir Tribun enables these tests to be performed reliably and precisely, creating a critical tool for protecting workers' respiratory health.

The hygienic mouthpiece feature makes the use of the device safer. The use of disposable mouthguards for each user reduces the risk of infection and maintains hygiene standards. This feature ensures safe and hygienic use of the device, especially in environments used by more than one person.

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