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Maico Touch Tymp Diagnostics

Maico Touch Tymp Diagnostics

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Maico TouchTymp Diagnostic is a modern device used in the field of hearing health and is designed to perform middle ear tests. Mi34 and Mi36, which have two different variations, are designed to suit different usage needs and clinical requirements.

Mi34 is a combination tympanometer and impedance meter ideal for clinical environments. Thanks to its PC-based feature, you can easily record, analyze and report test results. Thanks to its touch screen, it is extremely easy to use and you can perform various middle ear tests quickly and effectively.

Mi36 is a variation designed for portability and field work. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can easily carry the device and use it in different environments. Mi36 allows you to perform hearing health screenings quickly and effectively wherever you are.

Both variations combine tympanometer and impedance meter features. These features help you examine middle ear functions in detail and make accurate diagnoses. Additionally, the ability to perform middle ear testing helps detect various middle ear diseases and manage treatment processes.

Maico TouchTymp Diagnostic is designed to suit the needs of users in hearing health screenings. Both variations have a user-friendly interface and reliable test results. You can use the device easily with its touch screen and intuitive menus.

These devices provide hearing healthcare professionals with a broad set of data. Automated testing protocols and customizable reporting features allow users to easily manage data. This supports hearing care professionals' decision-making and optimizes patient management.

As a result, Maico TouchTymp Diagnostic offers an innovative and effective solution in the field of hearing health. Mi34 and Mi36 variations are designed to meet different usage needs. These devices, which combine tympanometer and impadence meter features, are an ideal solution to evaluate middle ear functions in detail and ensure accurate diagnoses.

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